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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS - Statistical modelling and inference for networks
(Statworks):  Research workshop: 28 June-1 July 2010, Bristol, UK

Aim and scope

Network structures arise in modelling a wide variety of phenomena in the
natural and social sciences, and engineering. As researchers find networks
a natural perspective for analysing an ever more diverse set of
applications, an almost equally diverse set of a methodologies emerge,
ranging from highly-tailored ad hoc solutions to broad attempts to capture
the full generality of network inference. In such a new field of
exploration, each of these disparate paths contributes to our joint
understanding of the scope of network-based models.  The aim of this
workshop is to gather together statisticians, mathematical modellers and
application-oriented researchers, hoping to further this progress by
- commonalities of current methodologies;
- where specific applications might borrow methods from other areas;
- the contribution that rigorous modelling can make to inference to
applied problems;
- areas where application-specific approaches point the way forward to new
theoretical developments;
- the identification of methodological gaps.

This workshop will be organised under the EPSRC-funded SuSTaIn programme
(, which aims to conduct and disseminate
internationally-leading research in mathematical statistics, equipping the
discipline to face the challenges of future applications.

Topics of interest

General modelling approaches will be discussed in order to inform other
researchers about the state of rigorous inference.  Additionally, we hope
the involvement of applications-oriented researchers will point the way
forward to improvements in practical theory.  Topics of interest include,
but are not limited to:
- mathematical modelling;
- statistical properties of networks;
- inference of network structure;
- computational methods;
- social dynamics;
- economics and games on networks;
- disease transmission and epidemiology;
- biological networks from cells to ecologies;
- transport, communication and power networks.

Note that open problems are welcome, as is published work that would be of
relevance to a wider inter-disciplinary audience.

Invited speakers

David Barber (UCL)
Sanjeev Goyal (Cambridge)
Eric Kolaczyk (Boston)
Sean Meyn (Illinois)
Brendan Murphy (University College Dublin)
Stephane Robin (AgroParisTech)
Michael Stumpf (Imperial)
Stanley Wasserman (Indiana)
Geoffrey West (Santa Fe)
Eddie Wilson (Bristol)

How to contribute

Workshop attendees may contribute a talk, a poster, or both, that they
feel will contribute towards the aims of the workshop (note that
descriptions of open problems are welcome).  Abstracts must be submitted
for both talks and posters; of approximately one page for a talk, and one
paragraph for a poster.  Non-contributing attendees are also welcome,
although places may be limited.  All applications for attending the
workshop and contributing a talk or a poster must be made via the web form
that is linked to at  The
deadline for applications is 15th March 2010.  Note that places at the
workshop are limited; we will reply to you by 16th April 2010 to tell you
if we are able to accept you at the workshop.


There is no registration fee.  Lunches, tea and coffee are provided to
participants, but you have to fund your own accommodation and travel, and
make a contribution towards the cost of the conference dinner if you wish
to attend that.  Information on accommodation near the workshop venue can
be found at
 Note that cheap accommodation will be available in Goldney Hall itself -
details for booking a room at Goldney are also available on the website.

Assistance for junior researchers

We will have some limited funds to provide free accommodation and possibly
also partial support of expenses for junior researchers (graduate
students, and researchers within 3 years of receiving their Ph.D. degree).
 To apply for this support, write as above by the stated date, and enclose
also a CV and statement of support from your supervisor or a senior

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