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 Barry Wellman

  S.D. Clark Professor of Sociology, FRSC               NetLab Director
  Department of Sociology                  725 Spadina Avenue, Room 388
  University of Toronto   Toronto Canada M5S 2J4   twitter:barrywellman             fax:+1-416-978-3963
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Promotion of cooperation induced by nonuniform payoff allocation in
spatial public goods game , Eur. Phys. J. B

Abstract: A nonuniform payoff allocation mechanism is proposed for spatial
public goods games where individuals are nodes on a scale-free network.
Each individual is assigned a weight kiα, where ki is the degree of
individual i and α is an adjustable parameter that controls the degree of
diversity in individuals' profits. During the evolution progress, the
allocation of payoff on individual i is assumed to be proportional to its
weight. Individuals synchronously update their strategies according to the
stochastic rule with a fixed noise level. It is found that there exists an
optimal value of   which yields the highest level of cooperation. Other
pertinent quantities, including the payoff and the probability of finding
a node playing as cooperator versus the degree, are also investigated
computationally and analytically.  Our results suggest that a suitable
degree of diversity among individuals can promote the emergence of

* [18] Promotion of cooperation induced by nonuniform payoff allocation in
spatial public goods game, D. Peng, H.-X. Yang, W.-X. Wang, G. R. Chen and
B.-H. Wang, 2010/01/15, DOI: 10.1140/epjb/e2010-00008-7, Eur. Phys. J. B


 Optimal Synchronization in Space , arXiv

Excerpt: In this Rapid Communication we investigate spatially constrained
networks that realize optimal synchronization properties. After arguing
that spatial constraints can be imposed by limiting the amount of `wire'
available to connect nodes distributed in space, we use numerical
optimization methods to construct networks that realize different
trade-offs between optimal synchronization and spatial constraints.

* [19] Optimal Synchronization in Space, Markus Brede, 2010/01/,
arXiv:1001.4921 [19]

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