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New version of Pajek 1.26 (January 1, 2010) is available at

New features:
  * January 1, 2010: Proportional reduction of error reported as result of
partitioning signed networks.
  * November 17, 2009: Several minor changes in reporting results of
partitioning signed networks included.
  * October 8, 2009: Possibility to use larger / smaller shapes in Export
matrix to EPS added.
  * October 6, 2009: Possibility to use thicker lines for dividing
clusters in Export matrix to EPS added.
  * October 1, 2009: Dotted lines for dividing clusters in greyscale
Export matrix to EPS added.
  * September 25, 2009: Procedure for symmetric-acyclic decomposition
modified to enable macro execution.
  * September 21, 2009: Parameter Large Network added to
Options/ReadWrite. When number of vertices is larger than this value,
additional questions or warnings appear during Pajek execution.
  * September 9, 2009: Nets/Cross-Intersection and Nets/Intersection
generalized to take line values into account (Add, Sub, Mul, Div, Min,
Max, 1st, 2nd).
  * September 3, 2009: Net/Transform/Remove/Triangle added (removing arcs
belonging to upper or lower triangle).
  * September 2, 2009: Net/Transform/Line Values/Constant added (min or
max of line value and selected constant).

Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, FMF, Department of Mathematics
  Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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