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Dear All,

Let me invite you to a workshop:

Circuits of Profit: Business Network Research Conference
28 Jan 2010, 8:30 am

Venue: Gellner Room, 
Central European University,

Blurb: Network science, as a maturing field, offers a unique perspective to
tackle complex problems, impenetrable to our conventional,
linear-proportional thinking.  Witnessing a decade of explosive growth,
researchers in this field unveiled principles of networked behavior in a
wide range of fields, from the evolution of the Internet, to networks of
friendship, disease transmission, ecological interactions and economic
transactions.  The economy is a vast and complex system of links, where
network approaches can become powerful tools for competitive advantage.  The
aim of this international conference is to bring together applied network
researchers and practitioners to discuss experiences in applying network
science to problems in organizational restructuring, political lobbying and
corruption, marketing, and finance.

Keynote lecture:
Albert-László Barabási: Network Science - From the Web to Economics

details here:

Free for all to participate. 

Balazs Vedres

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