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> Subject: CFA: Encyclopedia of Social Networking
> Date: 12 January 2010
> From: Lisbeth Rogers, Golson Media
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> CALL FOR AUTHORS: Encyclopedia of Social Networking (includes social
> networking in Africa)
> We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the Encyclopedia of
> Social Networking, a new 2-volume reference to be published in 2011 by
> SAGE Publications.
> This comprehensive work will be marketed and sold to college, public,
> and academic libraries and includes some 400 articles, covering all
> aspects of social networking from historical perspectives on social
> networks in ancient times to social networks in the Renaissance to the
> social networks of war to Twitter.  There are a number of entries
> available for social networks according to region, including many
> countries in Africa.  While the term social networking evokes
> fast-moving technologies and services like weblogs, MySpace, or
> YouTube, the concept of a social network greatly predates these
> electronic technologies that have enabled just one aspect of it.
> Simply put, in these articles, a social network is a grouping or
> loosely connected web of individuals tied by one or more specific
> types of interests or interdependencies. These may include everything
> from similar likes and dislikes, friends, kin, tribes, disease
> transmission, or even a shared bus route to work, the "grapevine"
> around the water cooler, and the "old boy" network.
> We are now making assignments with a deadline of May 1, 2010.
> Each article, ranging from 800 to 4,000 words, is signed by the
> contributor. The General Editor  for the encyclopedia is George
> Barnett, Ph.D. University of California - Davis, who will review all
> the articles for editorial content and academic consistency.
> If you are interested in contributing to the encyclopedia, it can be a
> notable publication addition to your CV/resume and broaden your
> publishing credits. Payments for the articles are honoraria that range
> from a $50 book credit at SAGE Publications for article submissions
> totaling up to 1,000 words to a free set of the finished encyclopedia
> (a $250 value) for contributions totaling 10,000 words. More than
> this, your involvement can help assure that credible and detailed
> data, descriptions, and analysis are available to students of social
> networking issues.

SAGE? You mean this SAGE?

SAGE wants academics to be monkeys dancing for peanuts. 250$ in form
of heavy books? If the researchers here really want to contribute to
an encyclopedia, someone should start a wiki (in fact, hasn't one been
created already?). Editorship can be locked down on wikis so that only
approved academics can edit them, though the process to apply to
become an editor should be easy and transparent.

-Nicholas Guenther

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