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I'm sure it is not Mario Diani's (or our Treasurer's) fault, but this is

I can think of a work-around, and have suggested to the rejected person,
but I call on the heads of INSNA to come up with a solution.

FWIW, the rejected person is a superior scholar and my former student.
However, she does live in Iran.

US foreign policy should not dictate INSNA policy.

I have opposed scholarly boycotts against Israel, and I oppose this one

 Barry Wellman

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Good Day,

I am sorry IRAN is not listed in the countries.  Due to current American
Government policies regarding IRAN we cannot accept payments from your
country without violating these policies. 

However, if you have a form of payment and an e-mail/local address in the
United States that you can use, feel free to register with that information
and there will be no violation in government regulations.

Benjamin Elbirt
Chief Information Officer, INSNA

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Dear colleague

I copy this correspondence to the INSNA webmaster who is in charge
for these matters

best, MD

At 09:15 AM 15-01-10, you wrote:
>You must be registered for INSNA (Student/Full Member), SunBelt XXX
>and logged in to submit an Abstract for SunBelt XXX. We can not
>submit our abstracts for the conference because Iran is not included
>in the list of countries?? Would you please let me know how it is
>possible to register for INSNA and Sunbelt without specifying the

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