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2nd Winter School in Complexity Sciences
"Formal approaches for the representation and analysis of social  
network structures"

Lisbon University Institute,  January 11-15, 2010

The 2nd Winter School in Complexity Sciences will take place at the  
Lisbon University Institute, on January 11-15, 2010. The programme of  
this edition is organized around the subject "Formal approaches for  
the representation and analysis of social network structures".

The Winter School is organised in the context of the International  
Doctoral and Master Programs in Complexity Sciences proposed by the  
Lisbon University Institute and the Faculty of Sciences of the  
University of Lisbon. The Winter School is also supported by the  
ASSYST Coordination Action and the Complex Systems Society. The Winter  
School will propose a state-of-the-art of the new theories,  
methodologies and algorithmic proposals to the study of topological  
features of complex networks.

Target audience
The sessions are intended for faculty, graduate students, master and  
PhD students, researchers and others who would like to gain an  
understanding of the new formal approaches to the representation and  
interpretation of network structures.

The Winter School will include both theoretical presentations and  
practical sessions in computer room, allowing presenting and  
experimenting the most well known and performative software tools for  
the representation and analysis of networks. The school will provide  
10 theoretical sessions of 1:30 each and 5 practical sessions of 2  
hours each - a total of 25 hours during 1 week. Sessions will start at  
3pm and will end at 8:30pm. This time schedule will allow participants  
to use the morning and early afternoon free moments to interact with  
local researchers at the university.

David Rodrigues (Lisbon University Institute, PT) - software for the  
representation and analysis of networks - see the list of software  
below (practical sessions)
Gergely Palla (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HU) - 2 theoretical  
sessions: (1) Statistical properties of tagged networks; (2)  
Multifractal network generator
James P.G. Sterbenz (The University of Kansas, US and Lancaster  
University, UK) - computer network modelling state-of-the-art and new  
research approaches (2 theoretical sessions)
Jeffrey Johnson (Open University, UK) - hypernetworks: state of the  
art, challenges and applications (2 theoretical sessions)
John Symons (University of Texas at El Paso, USA) - 2 theoretical  
sessions: (1) Self-organization, emergence and the networks model of  
inquiry; (2) Causality and Pattern Discovery
Jorge Louçã (Lisbon University Institute, PT) - 3 practical sessions  
and 1 theoretical session: (1) Practical sessions: software for the  
representation and analysis of networks; (2) Theoretical session:  
about scale and structure issues in networks
Rui Lopes (Lisbon University Institute, PT) - computer network  
modelling approaches: theory and tools (practical sessions and 1  
theoretical session)
Rui Marinheiro (Lisbon University Institute, PT) - computer network  
modelling approaches: theory and tools (practical sessions and 1  
theoretical session)
Santo Fortunato (Institute for Scientific Interchange, IT) - 2  
theoretical sessions: (1) Community detection in graphs I; (2)  
Community detection in graphs II

The following software will be provided in a CD and will be used in  
the practical sessions:
CFinder - software for the exploration of clusters and communities via  
de Clique Percolation Method
NetworkX - programatic approach to graphs and networks
Network Workbench - general interface for several algorithms to  
network analysis
Pajek - network analysis platform
Visone - platform for the analysis and visualization of social networks

Registration deadline is January 8, 2010. You are advised to register  
as soon as possible - the number of places available is limited. To  
register please send an email to "[log in to unmask]" asking to  
attain the winter school, with your name, address, nationality,  
institution and telephone. The registration fee is 150 euros.  
Participants will be asked to pay the fee at the registration desk,  
just before the beginning of the Winter School, on January 11, 2010.

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