Im case anyone is wondering if the Masked Duck is still at Viera Wetlands 
(Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera), it was still there on Sunday, 
January 24th.  
I drove around cell #4 to the west end stopping and looking, then kept going 
to where the road turns and cell #3 is behind you.  About mid-way down this 
road is where I finally found it. I believe I was facing north.
I watched it from about 11:30-12:30.  I tried to get photos, but no luck.

It was hard to find, and just looking everywhere with bins was fruitless, so I 
used a scope and literally scanned everything water, grasses, weeds. I 
started in the west where it was seen, and scanned east until...there it was 
with coots in an area of water with grasses behind it other plants in 
front...sort of out of the wind.  It was in clear view for a while, but then 
started going in and out of the grasses in the middle of cell #4 just left (west) 
of a trio of tree trunks in the water.

There are maps of the cells/bird lists at the entrance for new birders at Viera.
It was in the center of cell #4.  

Great bird! Good luck,
Joan Tasca
St. Augustine

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