Hi All,

Max Medley (from Dalton Georgia) and I went down from Atlanta on Tuesday, 
1/19, to Valdosta Georgia to see the Virginia’s Warbler (VIWA) that has been 
seen daily there since the 15th.  Please see the following 1/20/10 Georgia RBA 
post if you would like to try for this warbler:

The bird has been seen again today!  You can track the status of the 
Valdosta VIWA on Georgia Birder’s Online at:

Or on Birdingonthe.Net at:

After we saw the Virginia’s Warbler on Tuesday we went on down to Alligator 
Lake at Lake City, Florida, and then over to St. Marks NWR that afternoon.  
We saw a lot of birds at both Florida sites but the highlights for us was a 
Neotropic Cormorant at St. Marks NWR!

Coming down the main road (Lighthouse Road) from the St. Marks NWR visitor 
center, we passed the mud flats to the east, shortly after the mud flats there 
is a bare tree in one of the cells/ponds (Mounds Pool No. 1?) on the east side 
of the road.  This tree held an adult Neotropic Cormorant and several Double-
crested Cormorants, and all in very close proximity to each other!  We had 
great scope views with both species in one field of view for as long as we 
liked.  The light was perfect and the tree was only about 100 feet from the 
road, it was a superb look at both species together and the highlight of the 
Florida portion of our trip!

Good Birding All,

Mark McShane
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, GA
eagleeyed AT

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