Dear All, 

Got the bird this AM and the bird is truly fine. Sparkling white!! All the way from the polar ice pack. There is talk that this is the most southern extension, before that was in TN--Lake Pickwick I'm told. 

He looked to be in no hurry and happy where he is but of course one never knows. We got there at dark on Wed,stayed in the ACOE West Point Lake R.Shaefer Heard cpg (706 645 2404) which is adjacent to the dam where the bird is being seen. All off SR 29 at West Point GA. 350 miles from Jacksonville. 

What a bird!! Go see him. You may will not have another chance. 

Lenore McCullagh 

Orange Park 

Clay County   

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Hi all, 

    Danny Bales just called to say he was looking at the gull (4 p.m.CST) while talking to me. 

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