Thanks for forwarding this news about Quebec's investment in recyclign
organic waste.

I am now an entrepreneur in Canada developing technologies to
instantly extract liquid fertilizer out of kitchen waste. I received a
small government grant (Ontario) to develop my first product (out of
en existing prototype) in collaboration with a local college. The
byproduct of my system is pre-decomposed solid residues, which are all
the easier to compost, or vermicast (vermicompost). Another positive
side-effect is expected to be more edible / urban home gardens. This
means people eating healthy food regardless of their income, and
somewhat greener cities.

Since one outlet to processed organic waste (even biodigester solid
residuals) is organic fertilizers, the recent Quebec investment in
organic waste recycling might mean more organic edible
gardens-awareness in the public.

Hala Chaoui, PhD, EIT
Research Engineer

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 9:56 PM, GRAUNKE,RYAN E <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hello BESTers,
>  The Canadian government announced this week that it will be investing $17
> million as part of a $57 million investment for organic waste treatment
> infrastructure in Quebec City, Canada.  This project will include anaerobic
> digestion and compost of organic waste and be able to divert 85,000 tons
> which had previously been incinerated.  It will create 450 direct and
> indirect jobs.  Big projects such as these are an encouraging sign that
> governments are beginning to take responsibility for their organic waste
> problems and see the benefits of alternative treatment.
> Have a great weekend,
> Ryan
> A Canada-Quebec Investment for a Green Infrastructure in Quebec City
> FEb 1, 2010