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Florida Farm to Energy Act Announced!! 

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Hello FARE Supporters!

We are extremely excited to announced the filing of Senate Bill 2346 by Senator Thad Altman, titled "Florida Farm to Energy Act".


This bill, along with its companion bill in the House, will promise to be the premier renewable energy legislation for the 2010 session.


Session begins in only 5 days, and we need your support more than ever to affect positive change for the renewable energy industry in Florida.


Join FARE and join us in March at the 2010 FARE Conference "Florida's Next Decade of Renewable Energy"


See you in March!



Mike Antheil

Executive Director

Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy



Florida Farm to Energy Act


"Saving the Family Farm" while creating for the first time ever a sustainable renewable energy market in Florida.



The State of Florida now has the opportunity to attract hundreds of millions of private investment dollars in to the renewable energy industry, creating long term jobs, stimulating local economies from Miami to Orlando to Pensacola, and establishing energy security through distributed generation and a strong, secure, reliable electricity grid. 

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The Florida Farm to Energy Act will establish a long term dedicated funding source for widespread renewable energy facilities to connect to the electricity grid and sell the power that they produce at an economically viable rate. With the backing of a long term, bankable contract, investments in renewable energy facilities will pour in to the State of Florida, as they have in other states with proper policies in place.



The agricultural community, who currently faces painfully high costs of waste and by-product mitigation, can now turn those by-products into an energy producing, income generating asset. Commercial and residential properties across the state with vacant land and available roofspace would also be able to turn their property into an income generating facility through installation of solar and other renewable energy technologies. Tens of thousands of jobs would be created upon the immediate impact of this policy, including construction, installation, finance, real estate, manufacturing, audit & inspection, regulation, architecture, roofing, electrical, and many more. Florida would not only be attracting private investment in development, infrastructure and manufacturing, it would also be keeping the millions of dollars spent out of the state every day on energy production and imports, thereby keeping Florida's money in state and working in Florida.



solar panel bannerThrough implementation of the Florida Farm to Energy Act, Florida would begin it's fight back to become a leader in the country for renewable energy production. Solar, wind, biomass and other renewables would be available as production facilities, creating for the first time ever a renewable energy marketplace in the State of Florida.



Read the Florida Farm to Energy Act - click here 




FARE 2010 Renewable Energy Conference


"Florida's Next Decade of Renewable Energy"

You have the power to make a substantial difference for the renewable energy future of Florida. Join us March 26th though March 28th for this very important event. The event will feature Friday and Saturday discussions and seminar, and a Sunday golf tournament.


Discussions will feature renewable energy experts and speakers from around the state, the country and the globe. Topics will cover technologies including biomass, solar, wind & more as well as policy and legislative topics, and renewable energy relevent to agricultural, retail, commercial, industrial and government applications. The conference will feature a special emhpasis on investments in the renewable energy industry and best practices of attracting private investment dollars, stimulating local economies and creating local jobs.




2010 CalendarOnly 28 days left!! Register today!

Download the event invitation-click here

Download a sponsorship package- click here (event sponsorship includes FARE membership)

Download a golf tournament package - click here



Read the event press release from 2/23/10 - click here



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