Jobs bill could fuel controversial US biodiesel business


The controversial US biodiesel industry could get a major boost from Congress if a draft bill released this week makes it to the president's desk.

The draft bill proposes the reintroduction of the tax credit of $1 per gallon on alternative fuels which lapsed last year, and would deny a tax credit on so-called "black liquor" – a form of fuel derived from making pulp or paper.


Questions About Biofuels’ Environmental Costs Could Alter Europe’s Policies


European governments agreed in December 2008 that only biofuels that reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent compared with fossil fuels should qualify for meeting the trade bloc’s current goal.  But at the time, the governments directed the commission to investigate indirect land use change and, depending on the findings, to decide whether any changes needed to be made about which biofuels counted toward the goal.


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