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Subject: EPA Announces New Web Site to Help State and Local Government Partners Tackle Climate Change

EPA Announces New Web Site to Help State and Local Government Partners Tackle Climate Change

EPA launched a new Web site today to help state and local governments understand, plan, and implement strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within their jurisdictions.

The State and Local Climate and Energy Program Web site,<>, brings together EPA resources to serve as a one-stop shop for government officials seeking information and resources related to climate change and clean energy. The site targets information to state and local government officials by providing:

 *   Resources on energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, workforce development, health, adaptation, and more.
 *   "How to" information for developing a climate change action plan or greenhouse gas inventory, along with maps showing which states and localities have them in place.
 *   Guidance on evaluating policy and program options and measuring results.
 *   A calendar of upcoming climate change and clean energy webcasts and conferences.
 *   Podcasts and video recordings of State and Local Climate and Energy Program webcasts.

Featured Resource: Assessing the Multiple Benefits of Clean Energy: A Resource for States

This resource will help state energy, environmental, and economic policy makers identify and quantify the many benefits of clean energy. This groundbreaking document is the first to organize and present a comprehensive review of the multiple benefits of clean energy, together with an analytical framework that states can use to assess those benefits during the development and implementation of clean energy policies and programs. Access the resource at:

[]State and local officials interested in additional information about developing and implementing cost-effective climate and energy strategies that help further environmental goals and achieve public health and economic benefits may visit:<>

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