Amryis, which was spun out of research conducted at UC Berkeley, could file the necessary documents for an IPO in the second quarterAmyris specializes in concocting microbes that feed on sugars and secrete made-to-order hydrocarbon molecules that can be converted into jet fuel, industrial chemicals or biodiesel. Developing a genome so that yeast secrete hydrocarbons instead of beer or wine is Amyris' secret sauce. Amyris, potentially, will be able to produce biodiesel that it can sell for $2 a gallon at wholesaleAmyris has bought a Brazilian ethanol company and entered into letter-of-intent agreements with three others to produce ethanol and high-value chemicals. The company is also working with the state of Alabama to build sugarcane plantations and yeast-powered fuel refineries in that state. Amyris does not want to license its technology. Instead, it wants to produce fuel itself in tandem with industrial partners and sell it, initially to large fleet buyers.
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