Date:      25 February 2010

To:        All Graduate Coordinators and Staff

From:      Rick Bryant
           Associate Director for Campus Relations
           UF Office of Admissions

Subject:   E-Referral 

As we progress in this application cycle I would like to clarify a few matters concerning the E-Referral system that should help in the management of your applicant pool and allow us to offer a higher level of service.    

Conduct - If interested in moving forward with an applicant who is flagged for conduct, please tier the file for review. Please don't request a review through the GRADPROC routing list, e-mail or direct the student to contact our office. Tiering the file will result in the file being cleared, denied or the student being contacted directly via our office or the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution asking for additional information. 

Term Change - Please route all term change requests through the GRADPROC routing list and not a specific individual's e-mail address. Use of the GRADPROC routing list allows us to properly track requests and ensures that files are acted upon in a timely and efficient manner. Please cancel the student for the current term prior to making your request for a change of term.  

Tier - Please remember to tier international applicants who you may be interested in offering admission so that our office can complete the necessary evaluation to ensure that their international credentials are equivalent to a US Bachelor's degree. As part of your tier request we will search for a student's transcripts (if they're not already posted) and will notify you through your routing list and the student's browse screen if we need a copy for evaluation purposes.  

Transcripts - Due to the volume of transcripts received in our mailroom during peak periods, it can take a considerable amount of time for an applicant's transcripts to show on our system. That is why applicants are directed to send copies directly to the Office of Admissions AND their respective department(s).  

Operating within this framework, there is no need to wait on the Office of Admissions before evaluating your applicant pool and taking action on the E-Referral system or to direct students to contact our office asking that we post the receipt of their transcripts on screen 7 so that you can make a decision. Domestic students can be directly admitted (Direct Admit) and international students can be tiered regardless of the status of the applicant's transcripts on our system. 

I hope that you find this helpful and please contact me at 352 392-1365 ext 7317 or [log in to unmask] if you have any questions concerning the E-Referral System.    



Rick Bryant
Associate Director for Campus Relations
Office of Admissions
201 Criser Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida  32611-4000
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