February 8, 2010

TO:	Graduate Staff, Graduate Coordinators

FROM:	Ms. Stacy Wallace
	Coordinator, Editorial Services

RE: Effective immediately, streamlined process for UMI/ProQuest Publishing Agreement for dissertations 

This message is to introduce a new process for an existing dissertation form (UMI/ProQuest Publishing Agreement) that will keep publication data consistent. 

This process change has been updated in the dissertation editorial checklist, which doctoral students are actively using. (

The UMI/ProQuest Publishing Agreement is required of all doctoral candidates. 

For several years there was one option listed on the UMI form; that option was to confirm publication by UMI (called "Yes to UMI").  

Due to increasing requests from doctoral students to NOT have their entire work published by UMI, the company has recently created a separate form to confirm non-publication (called "No to UMI").   

To reduce confusion for students and to allow departments to maintain the most accurate records possible, we have moved the link for the UMI forms (for both options) to GIMS.  

No additional information needs to be entered by the department. 

The department will print the correct UMI form and give to the student to complete.  The correct form will be the one consistent with the UF Publishing Agreement. The forms are found in GIMS at "Graduate School Forms" - "Final Exam Form".

1. UMI Publishing forms are required before the Final Clearance deadline, not the initial submission deadline. 

2. We suggest that the departments print these forms in conjunction with student's final defense date, in addition to the other forms that are required at that time.

The doctoral dissertation checklist has been updated (Feb. 4, 2010) to indicate the new instructions for students (  

We will still accept UMI publishing agreement forms directly from students, but these forms are no longer required at the first submission date.

We hope that this new method of processing UMI forms will simplify the record maintenance for all involved. 

If you have questions about this, feel free to contact the Editorial Office at (352) 392-1282.

The Graduate School
University of Florida