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Dear Socnetters,

This is to announce that online registration is now open for the 2010 LINKS Center<> summer workshop on social network analysis. The workshop will be held June 7-12, 2010 on the University of Kentucky campus. The workshop features multiple sessions, some of which run concurrently. The schedule is as follows.

Refresher Sessions (1-day) Mon June 7

 *   Networks for Novices. A simple introduction to the social network field by Dan Brass, Ginny Kidwell and Travis Grosser
 *   Graphs and Matrices. Elementary graph theory and matrix algebra taught by Steve Borgatti, Rich DeJordy and Dan Halgin
 *   Stats 101 for Networks. Statistics refresher specifically aimed at preparing participants to learn SIENA and exponential random graph models (ERGM/p*). Taught by Martina Morris
Main courses (3-day) Tue June 8 through Thu June 10

 *   Introduction to Network Analysis. 3-day introduction to the analysis of social network data using UCINET and NetDraw. Taught by Rich DeJordy and Dan Halgin.
 *   Advanced Network Analysis. Topics include describing network change, analyzing multiple relations, 2-mode data, advanced centrality concepts, missing data, and more. Taught by Steve Borgatti
 *   Stochastic Modeling of Networks. The first two days, taught by Christian Steglich, are on using the SIENA model for analyzing longitudinal data. The third day, taught by Martina Morris, is on using exponential random graph models (ERGM/p*) to model networks
Application Areas (1-day) Fri June 11

 *   Security. Network analysis in the context of national security and crime-fighting. Taught by Kim Glasgow
 *   Organizations. Network analysis used in the context of organizations and management. Both the academic research side and the consulting/applied side will be covered. Taught by Steve Borgatti
 *   Health. Network analysis in the context of public health. Both research and applied approaches will be covered. Taught by Tom Valente
Works-in-Progress Conference (1-day) Sat June 12

 *   A forum for workshop participants to present network research in progress and receiving expert feedback. Led by Joe Labianca
1-on-1 Research Development Sessions (appointments available every day)

 *   An opportunity to meet 1-on-1 to discuss your research with Ajay Mehra
For those of you that have attended before, we've made a few changes this year. Most important is that we are imposing a limit of 50 participants per session (last year's 150+ was just too big). We've also adjusted the offerings to provide more help with your own research, and to target more specifically certain application areas (such as management, public health, and national security/crime).

One price covers all 6 days of the workshop. Given the limit of 50 participants in each session (except the conference, which is unlimited), it would be a good idea to register early. Besides, there's a 20% early bird discount! Also, fulltime students pay only half price. Visit the workshop website for full details:


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