To all Alan's ListServ Friends;
As Chair of the AIEF Research Committee I would like to clarify our ListServ Goddess's suggestion that a Research Project be named for him.  The AIEF has a number research projects "in the works" and often outside groups such as an ARMA Chapter has stepped up to provide the funding for them.  Each project costs $5,000.00 which might be a little steep for a memorial project, however the AIEF is always open to working with donors.  For instance, one of the Projects for San Francisco, Helen Streck's "Social Networks' Impact on Records and Information Management" is only currently only partially funded and money collected from his memorial fund could be used to make up the difference.  His name would then perpetually be included on the cover page, reflecting this contribution.  The goal here would be $2,500.00.

Another thought might be to collect donations through his memorial to fund a Graduate Scholarship.  These are $3,000.00 and since Alan was on the Advisory Board for the MARA Program at San Jose State University, perhaps money collected in his name could provide a one-time scholarship for a student in that program.

My main concern with both of these options is that the donors need to understand that if the funds donated through his memorial page on the AIEF website,<>, are not sufficient to fund one of these projects, the donated funds will be placed in the Foundation Endowment Fund.  So, ListServers, my suggestion is to pick one project so all the donations are counted toward that project.  As a caveat, donations can be made by individuals, groups, chapters or vendors, in his name.

Thank you all for wanting to remember a real gentleman and rich contributor to our profession.

Juanita Skillman, CRM, FAI
Chair, Research Committee
ARMA International Educational Committee
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