Dear Collegues,
I have read several posts on this listserve pertaining to hybrid or blended
developmental English courses (specifically reading and writing) and need
more information. I am not sure how to find the information that I need in
the archives because they are listed by dates. My collegue and I (she
teaches/coordinates developmental writing courses) planned to teach a hybrid
reading and writing class this summer. We have read some of the research on
hybrid classes and thought that implementing it in the summer would allow us
to asses the effectivness and that we would see how students adapted or
engaged with a hybrid class.

We recently heard from our dean that there are concerns from other
administration about student success with hybrids. We would like to provide
some evidence that this delivery method has been or is being implemented at
other colleges and universities successfully. We  greatly appreciate any
suggestions or ideas that this listserve might provide; particularly which
direction we can go to research more data and evidence. I might note too
that we are a regional four-year university.


Shari Clevenger
Instructor/Coordinator Reading Enhancement
Northeastern State University
Seminary Hall 357
609 N. Grand Avenue
Tahlequah, OK 74464
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Learning is not attained by chance,
it must be sought for with ardor
and attended to with diligence."
~Abigail Adams

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