I've been to Fort De Soto a few times now (Januaries only), and I've
never failed to witness a nice reddish egret show in the lagoon behind
the beach near the northern end of North Beach.  The show in the
lagoon has not always been constant - the egrets do come and go - but
I've had excellent views of either red or white morphs - or sometimes
both - dancing for their food in the shallows each time I've been

On Jan 23rd, I was lucky enough to have both red and white morphs
often in close proximity, which did make for a literally surprising
photographic opportunity -- while I was peering through my camera's
viewfinder at a white morph, unbeknownst to me a red morph descended
towards it, which I only became aware of when the red morph touched
down along the left border of the camera's field of view.

I put a gallery of some of the photos online to share with anyone who
might be interested at

The first few photos show the white morph apparently starting to react
to the incoming reddish morph, the significance of which was unknown
to me until I finally saw the red morph join its fellow reddish egret.
The two birds then proceeded to dance and prance while feeding,
sometimes together and sometimes separately.  Interestingly, I never
detected any apparent aggression between the two egrets, even while
hunting very close together, often probably chasing down the same

I think the ~luckiest~ photo probably was
but my ~favorite~ images are

It is amazing how close to the sunbathers the birds feed, as shown by

Keep Lookin' Up !!!

Fred (Frederick Wasti)

Mostly in Marshfield Massachusetts (but in Lakeland FL for January)

fred @t cetussoft d0t com

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