Hugh said:  If you assume the salesperson will be gone in six 
months and write your contract to accept that fact, then no matter who 
comes in to say hello, you will still have great service.

So Hugh what you are saying is a salesperson is a salesperson is a 
salesperson.  NOT.

I know you Hugh and know that if there were more people like you with the 
same wherewithal, then we wouldn't be having this conversation. 

It's like the teaching profession.  Some teachers are just in it for the 
money and don't give a flying fadoo about the kids.  Others care immensely 
and are dedicated to giving each student a quality education.  The same is 
true with sales reps.  Some will bend over backwards to help 
you.....others will do the bare minimum.   It's not always possible to 
change companies midstream and certainly we have no say in who will manage 
our accounts.  Yes people come and go.....that's life.  But a good sales 
rep can make the difference between a good or bad relationship with the 

John Annunziello, CRM, ermm
Manager, Records and Information 
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
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"Information is a corporate, strategic asset that needs to be managed"


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