I have to echo Bernard's question - why is this being contemplated as an
internal build?  Is there really nothing you already own/lease that would
fit the need?  If not, there are many suitable OOTB options available.  If
your IT department is just dying for some programming work to do and/or the
real issue is trying to avoid new, expensive licenses, have them also look
into open source options out there.

Some of the inherent challenges with an in-house born app's long-term
viability include, 1) it is highly dependent upon the level of skill of the
person who builds it, 2) the scalability of the program's fundamental
infrastructure and 3) the quality of the documentation.

I would ask why it is the product is being asked for in the first
place.  What existing apps in your organization have been considered as
options to meet the need?  What investigation have they done into retail and
open source products, and can you see the CBA (that includes ROI and TCO) of
the options that point to in-house as the most viable solution?

Bet your meeting ends there.  ;)  If not, and they say they really want to
go forth with it, then you must bring up it's ability to manage these
records to the same quality as your RM system, or it must interface with
your RM system (it is for the Compliance Department after all!!).  That will
likely mean getting the API from the RMS vendor (which may or may not be
available, and may or may not be very good) ... and so on.

Go with your gut here Barrett, you are right to be concerned.

Good luck!


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