I have done some presentations in that vein; let me check to see what I
have. I will post a link to anything I find. 

I will also echo some of the other recommendations re: books. Many of the
Outlook 2007 books have at least a bit on how to manage from a time
management perspective; there are also many dedicated books in that vein,
e.g. The Hamster Revolution, Send, Taming the Email Beast. David Allen's
Getting Things Done and Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero are also relevant. 

And I agree that getting individual messages to expire is not really a good
solution. I don't like PSTs for about a hundred reasons but I like them
better than message expiry because I know that when, not if, messages have
to be recovered from PSTs, there is some good (and expensive!) software that
can handle it. Expired messages are just too hard to get to work
consistently and may raise more questions than they resolve. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of myself and no other company,
organization, association, entity, or board of directors,

Jesse Wilkins, CRM, CDIA+, ecmm, emmm, ermm
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