Earl wrote:
"It can't be only about bringing in new clients, can it vendors?"

OK I'll step up to the plate- 

We are probably guilty of not putting enough emphasis on bringing in new
clients so our primary focus has to be our attention to keeping existing
customers happy. Every one of my customers has my home and cell phone in
the event they need to talk with me. A mentor of mine once told me to
make sure you are doing everything right before you try to obtain more
business- Kind of a "build it and they will come" philosophy that seems
simplistic but it has worked for us. Granted, we only have a small
fraction of the boxes the hugest records management company stores here
in Minneapolis but I can guarantee that every one of them is as
important as the next. Everyone in our organization does everything
possible to exceed our customer's expectations or they get shrink
wrapped to a two wheeler. 

Jeff Fronius
Advanced Records Management

Full disclosure- How does that go Mr. Richards? I am a lousy, crummy CRC

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