Good Morning All-

     I am on the eve of a recently scheduled meeting with my boss and an IT 
representative who is responsible for building a customized application to 
manage documents in a compliance department.  This application (currently 
vaporware) is being requested to solve some document management pain 

(These are verbatim from my boss's mouth)
1.  Revision Control
2.  Workflow
3.  Security Control
4.  Filing System

Are there any personal experiences or "watch out for" scenarios that can be 
shared with me on or offline so that I can have some professional foresight 
into what I may experience in this meeting.

In my experience, vaporware, has not had a great track record of meeting 
short term, but also long-term needs for document management.

Naturally, no names or company names will be shared at all.

Thank you,

Barrett L. Walker

Disclaimer:  The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know anything.  And, 
this is submitted on my behalf and not that of any company, person, genus, or 

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