You have that technology on campus at UF! The Waltham company isn't doing anything new, and food waste segregation was done in the '50's. So the future, the past, and the present exist together, just as Einstein postulated.

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At long last, the future is finally here.
The Burlington Union, MA. March 01, 2010.

Burlington - There was a scene at the end of the first "Back to The Future"
movie in which Christopher Lloyd's character, Doc Brown, comes out of
nowhere in the Delorian, stops in the driveway, searches the garbage can for
a few bits of food waste, pushes it into his energy reactor and tells Marty
(Michael J. Fox) and his girlfriend they have to go back with him to the

Well now, the future is finally here.

Now this doesn't mean that time travel is suddenly possible or that they're
making Delorians again. But what is does mean is that we are getting ready
to make energy out of food scraps.

A Waltham company is looking to build a factory that can create power from
leftovers. It will not only create a biogas that can be converted into
electricity or natural gas, it will also create high quality soil products
and compost products that could be sold commercially. In other words,
science saves the day again.

Currently, we recycle paper products and plastics, but soon we will also be
asked to separate out our leftovers and our grass clippings. This will make
life so much easier for little kids who don't finish all the food on their
plates. Instead of hearing mothers tell their kids, "Clean your plate.
People in (choose your favorite country) are starving!" You'll be hearing,
"It's OK sweetheart. We'll just recycle that into a biogas for future energy

So, let us all take a second and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there
are things happening around us that have the potential to deliver a safe
(and sane?) world to our future generations.

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