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Hi all,

we've recently done a study on the "popularity" of profiles in online
social networks, in which we tried to identify profile characteristics
that correlate with a high frequency of views. The technical report is
at (an extended version is
currently under review at a conference, too...)
  We did this since we're interested in the way how people actually use
this service on the net and we haven't found any previous study that had
shed light on this question.
  Has anybody heard of any previous or (somewhat closely) related study?
We'd really like to understand the utilization better, since we're
trying to adapt social networking services (non-commercial,
decentralized, p2p-approach [1]) to better serve the users' needs.

 Any hints and discussion (on the tr, too, I'm a computer scientist and
neither a big statistician nor a social network analyst of any sort ;-D)
are highly appreciated! :)




Thorsten Strufe                               Peer-to-Peer Networks
Technische Universitšt Darmstadt

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