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I would like to alert you to a new workshop being presented at Sunbelt 2010, "NetworkX introduction: Hacking social networks using the Python programming language."

Aric Hagberg, of Los Alamos National Laboratories, and myself will be giving this half-day workshop to introduce NetworkX (, a powerful suite of tools for creating, manipulating and analyzing complex network systems in Python (  The workshop will cover the following topics:

The history of NetworkX and Aric's motivation for developing it
How NetworkX fits in with other network analysis tools, and its advantages
How to get started
Performing basic analysis and visualization
Developing your own algorithms in NetworkX
Analyzing your data and addressing your research questions with NetworkX

For a more detailed description of the workshop agenda, please see the description on the Sunbelt website (  We are scheduled for the afternoon of June 29, 2010, and Aric and I look forward to introducing this very powerful tool to the Sunbelt community--we hope you will join us!

Drew Conway

Drew Conway
Ph.D. Student
Department of Politics, New York University
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