Colleagues, I came across this in the POD Listserv. It is an essay by Dr.
Leamnson, a professor at Dartmouth .  It seems like great advice to pass on
to students  as you meet with them at learning center activities or in
individual learning assistance sessions. Make a few copies to share with
students. Get some feedback from them as to their reaction to the essay.
BTW, you may want to develop a PowerPoint presentation with audio. Just
remember to give credit to Dr. Leamnson. The essay can be accessed and
downloaded at


At the conclusion of the essay is this statement:   "This document may be
down loaded, printed, and copied, but may not be sold for profit.

The author's name may not be removed from the document."

Frank L Christ, Emeritus CSU Long Beach

LSCHE COntent Editor:

"If knowledge is power, shared knowledge is infinitely more powerful"
Raymond Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bell Atlantic.


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