My guess is that it wasn't a booby, which are very rare on the Gulf in  
SW FL, especially seen from land. Rather, I'd surmise that it was an  
immature Northern Gannet which is quite probable. Just a guess. . . .


Vincent Lucas
Naples, FL
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On Mar 11, 2010, at 8:03 AM, Jack Rogers wrote:

> Hi All, A birder just down from Seattle for some birding asked that  
> I post
> this RFI:
> "Since I am not subscribed to the FL Bird Listserve I was wondering  
> if you'd
> be willing to forward a question to the list? Here it is:
> My wife and I saw an immature Booby at Fort Meyers Beach on the  
> morning of
> Feb. 27th. It flew north, up the beach and towards Sanibel Island. I  
> have
> seen Brown and Red-footed Boobies in the Pacific Ocean but very few  
> and
> never all that well, so my booby ID skills aren't exactly up to  
> snuff (plus
> I hadn't expected to see one this trip). If people in your area know  
> which
> species of "all-brown" booby is more common in SW Florida at that  
> time of
> year I'd be grateful.
> According to my field guide the Brown Booby is more likely to look  
> solidly
> brown in immature plumage but the Masked Booby is supposedly more  
> common
> outside the keys.
> Jim Flynn
> Seattle, WA"
> I'm pretty sure someone more knowledgeable than I can answer this one.
> Jack Rogers
> Oviedo, Fl
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