Sorry to be late in posting this.  I wanted to let everyone know that the long tailed duck is still at St Marks, as of March 10. 

Bill Phelan, Tallahassee 
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Barbara Passmore 


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At St Marks NWR today: 

The second bird I saw was a Swallow Tail Kite flying over the double bridges on the Lighthouse Rd. 

Among the last birds seen was a female Long Tailed Duck--presumably the one that has been seen several times this winter in the picnic pond.  I saw her at the Lighthouse Pond, interacting with Ring Necked ducks--one male in particular, who was also relating to a female of his own species.  She was diving a lot more frequently than were the Ring Necks--a characteristic that has been noted before. 

Other birds of note include:  

          N. Flicker, YB Sapsucker--behind the Rest Rooms 

          2 female harriers apparently on a courting flight--circling high over Lighthouse Pond 

          Ruddy, Redhead, Lesser Scaup, Hooded Mergansers 

I also heard what I believe to be my FOS Hooded warblers--one voice in Scott's experimental burn areas behind the Visitor Center, the other in the wetland area near the Helispot. 

And I heard several white eyed vireos. 

Spring has sprung. 

Bill Phelan 


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