Thanks for the several good replies to my question about restructuring our
appointment based tutoring.

Perhaps it is an affirming thing - all of the suggestions you've provided
are things that we do in our current structure. The several cautions some
provided against having tutors on-call are all the things we have also been
most concerned about when contemplating a new approach. We have no problems
with recruiting versatile tutors who can tutor in many subject areas, we
focus their training on helping students develop effective approaches to
study, we are preparing to do on-line tutoring, our SI and walk-in programs
are flourishing, and our relationships with their departments are strong.
So, in a sense, your replies at least affirm that what we are doing now is
what many of you think we should be doing.  Nice to see on the first warm
and sunny Friday in Rhode Island this year :^)

Of course, we're still left with empty hours and an inability to meet every
student's request, but we'll keep working on it. Thanks again, all -


David B. Hayes
Director, Academic Enhancement Center
University College
University of Rhode Island
(401) 874-2953

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