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I laughed (yet shuddered at the reality) at the 'Nation Shudders.' Onion
article and the very next day ran across this article in the NYTimes.  


Arts  <> &
Leisure Preview:  Texts Without Context 
How the Internet and mash-up culture change everything we know about


A brief excerpt:


"WORRYING ABOUT the public's growing attention deficit disorder and
susceptibility to information overload, of course, is hardly new. It's been
25 years since Neil Postman warned in
"Amusing Ourselves to Death" that trivia and the entertainment values
promoted by television were creating distractions that threatened to subvert
public discourse, and more than a decade since writers like James Gleick (
"Faster") and David Shenk (
our-view.html> "Data Smog") described a culture addicted to speed, drowning
in data and over stimulated to the point where only sensationalism and
willful hyperbole grab people's attention."



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