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Today's college students need to seek "stretch experiences", seek feedback, and accelerate their career exploration to best connect class work to their future.  This lively and engaging presentation will help students "live large" and actively engage in maximizing their college experience so they can succeed after graduation.  

Students will:

Learn about a metaphor which gives them permission to experiment and gain experiences which will shape their internal motivation 
Gain four key insights about navigating one's college experience 
Gain two key insights about the new workplace 
Experience a self-reflection activity which reviews the key points of the session 
Gain access to five key resources useful beyond the session

Who is the presenter?  

Rich Feller works to make presentations engaging, interactive and personally meaningful.  He believes faculty needs to honor others, inspire investments in lifelong learning, and promote hope in changing times. Having received numerous teaching awards, Rich is one of twelve University Distinguished Teaching Scholars at Colorado State University where he teaches within the Counseling and Career Development, and the Organizational Performance and Change graduate programs. Having completed projects and presentations in China, Japan, Sudan, Thailand, Australia, Canada and 49 states he's consulted with groups ranging from NASA, NSF, and the United Nations to the Asian Development Bank, Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs, and South Carolina ETV.  His publications include: Career Transitions in Turbulent Times, Knowledge Nomads and the Nervously Employed, and A Counselors Guide to Career Assessment Instruments;  two film series Tour of Your Tomorrow and Making the Most of Your Abilities; the website,  and co-authorship  of the Career Decision Making System, and the CDMInternet program used by over 20 million users.  In 2009 he received NCDA's Eminent Career Award. Most importantly he is famous for holding basketball "Hall of Famer" Julius Erving to only 45 points in the first half of a college basketball game.

What is StudentLingo?
StudentLingo is a series of twelve interactive on-demand workshops, action plans and valuable resources focused on helping students achieve their academic, personal and career goals.  Workshops can be purchased individually or in packages. Purchase now for the 2010/2011 academic year and save!   

Academic & Career Exploration 

Personal Management

Learning To Learn

Maximize Your College Experience 
What Makes a Successful Student
Find Your Passion & Choose a Major
Interviewing & Resume Writing

Time Management
Motivation & Procrastination
Financial Literacy
Stress Management

Discover Your Learning Style
Study Tips & Note-Taking
Test-Taking Strategies
Avoiding Plagiarism 

Who will benefit from StudentLingo? 

Students: Workshops cover a wide variety of topics that impact student success and retention.
Faculty: Faculty can use the workshops as resources in class or as a supplemental tool.
Student Support Staff: Your learning center, tutoring department, career center, advising office, student life and other student services can use the site to reach all students and support on-campus programming.
Advisors and Career Counselors:  Encourage students to watch workshops prior to appointments and bring completed action plans for more focused, productive sessions.
First Year Experience Program: Include the workshops as part of your FYE course or simply make them available to the faculty and students in the program.
Orientation Directors:  Use these workshops during orientation sessions or encourage students who can't attend orientation to watch the workshops.
Online Learning: Post StudentLingo workshops in your course and students can access valuable resources without having to come to campus.
Parents: Parents can access the workshops, reinforce what is being taught, and support the educational process.

Why StudentLingo?  
If you answer yes to any of these questions, StudentLingo can help you save time and money and can help your students succeed. 

Are you unable to provide a wide variety of activities that support student success for all students due to lack of time, lack of funding, or lack of resources? 
Do you have students who cannot attend on-campus workshops because they are in class, working, or studying? 
Do you have online students who want to participate in workshops and activities but cannot come to campus? 
Do you wish you had more time to teach your students time management, note-taking skills and other strategies that will help them succeed in our class?
Do you want to increase student retention rates and help your students achieve their educational goals
Benefits of StudentLingo

Accessible:  Students, faculty, staff and parents can access the site 24/7 from the dorm room, classroom, home or office.
Cost-Effective:  Workshops serve all students for one low price and is also a resource for faculty, staff and parents.
Engaging:  Students participate in interactive workshops, complete online activities, and access updated resources.
Efficient:  We find the experts, schedule the workshops, and maintain the interactive website.  

How does StudentLingo work?
It's easy!  After you purchase access to StudentLingo, you will receive a link and a password.  This grants your institution unlimited access to StudentLingo workshops for 1 year.  Forward it, post it to your website and/or send it to faculty to use in class.  After students watch a workshop, they will have access to an action plan and additional resources that will allow them to reflect on the information they learned and discover the specific steps they can take to achieve their academic, personal and career goals.   

Note:  Your subscription to StudentLingo is available through the academic year (Fall 2010, Spring 2011 and Summer 2011).  
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