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In 1990, Scot Wortley and I published "Different Strokes from Different
Folks" in the AmJSoc. Nice paper, showing that different peeps gave
different types of help. For example, parents gave financial aid; friends
gave sociability.

I'm wondering if anyone has done similar research in the Internet age,
that would also build in media. For ex, emotional support is easier to
give online than material aid. And perhaps it is time online that is the
key, rather than role type. (In 1990, all we had was phone vs F2f).

If you have done such research, or know of some, I Urgently need some
leads. Already published stuff would be great, because it's more
cite-able, but if you have some working papers, like to hear about that

Telling me today would be wonderful.

Happy Pesach to All,
 Barry Wellman

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