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Dear Colleagues,

The subject of getting from Milan-Malpensa airport to the center of the 
city of Milan appears to be a weird one for my inaugural posting on this 
list, but I recently worked in Milan, gathering data on 
sixteenth-century networks of merchant-smugglers and can provide a 
useful suggestion.

A comfortable, relatively fast train makes the trip between the airport 
and Cadorna, at the Stazione Nord, pretty much in the center of Milan. 
Cadorna is a metro hub for the green and red lines, and from there you 
can go in all sorts of directions. A major tram stop is located there as 
well. If you want to go to the Stazione Centrale for some reason (to see 
Fascist magnificence?), you can make the trip directly on the green 
line. A trip of a few stops on the red line will take you to the Duomo 
and Milan's cultural center.

The train costs 11 euros. A single metro ticket costs one euro.

Enjoy the meeting.
Dr. J. B. "Jack" Owens, Ph.D.
Director, Geographically-Integrated History Laboratory
Professor of History, Idaho State University, USA
Lead PI, SOCNET Project, CDI, NSF (2009-2013)
Co-coordinator, DynCoopNet Project, TECT, ESF/NSF (2007-2010)
Guggenheim Fellow (2005-2006)
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow (2004-2005)
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