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We pursued something similar in our attempt to create a model that 
matches leaders identifed as receiving the most nominations and matching 
them to their nearest peers for implementation of behavior change programs.

Valente, T. W., & Davis, R. L. (1999). Accelerating the diffusion of 
innovations using opinion leaders.  The Annals of the American Academy 
of the Political and Social Sciences, 566, 55-67.

You might also consult Borgatti's Key Player paper and software:
Borgatti, S. (2006). Identifying key players in a social network. 
Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory 
<>, 12, 21-34.

- Tom

Alexander Nikolaev wrote:

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>Dear SOCNET members,
>I am new to this area of research, and have a very general question. As I
>understand, social network science currently focuses on describing communications in
>various environments via mathematical modeling (e.g., writing mathematical
>expressions to describe communication mechanisms, proposing regression-like models,
>estimating coefficients for such models using the often-mentioned SIENA, etc.). I'd
>like to know if any effort has been put forth to create methodologies for
>optimization on social networks, with a goal of developing provably convergent
>algorithms that find the best strategies for influencing networks in order to
>achieve some pre-specified goal, GIVEN a model. Any advice/references would be much
>Thank you.
>Alex Nikolaev.
>Adjunct Assistant Professor,
>Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering,
>Northwestern University.
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