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Dear all,


My name is Michael Haenlein and I am Associate Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe in Paris, France.


My question is very short and deals with network autocorrelation models of the form: y = rho * W * y + X * beta + Epsilon, where rho and beta are model parameters to be estimated, y is a dependent variable, W a weight matrix, X a vector of actor attributes and epsilon an error term. These models have been discussed, for example, by Leenders (2002).


Does anyone know whether such models have been extended to the modelling of duration-time variables?
Or, to put it differently, is there an elegant way to include network autocorrelation into a Cox Proportional Hazards Model?


Thanks very much for your answer,







Leenders, Roger Th. A. J. (2002), "Modeling social influence through network autocorrelation: Constructing the weight matrix," Social networks, 24 (1), 21 - 47.



Michael Haenlein

Associate Professor of Marketing

ESCP Europe

Paris, France

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