Dear WI Affiliate Faculty:

We are asking for your participation in electing 4 faculty members to the Water Institute Faculty Advisory Committee<>.  A link to vote is provided at the bottom of this email.

The FAC consists of 15 participating Water Institute Affiliate faculty serving staggered 3 year terms. Ten of the members are elected and five are appointed to ensure disciplinary and other types of diversity.  Information on the FAC, its current members, charter and minutes of past meetings is available on the Water Institute Website<>.  Five FAC members recently have rotated off of the committee:  Richard Haman, James Jawitz, Jim Jones, Jon Martin, Robert Ries.  To fill these vacancies, four new members will be elected and one will be appointed.

For your convenience, the nominees for the FAC are listed below as they appear on the ballot (links provided to their bios in the WI Database). Nominees are grouped by the WI Institute Thrust Area they best represent, and listed in alphabetical order. You will be able to vote for a total of four nominees (note there is no restriction on the number of votes per thrust area).

Water Resources Sustainability Thrust Area
Karl Havens<>
Sanjay Shukla<>

Water, Land Use and Ecosystems Thrust Area
Mark Clark<>
Matt Cohen<>
Greg Kiker<>
Jon Martin<>

Water and Climate Thrust Area
Chris Martinez<>
Jane Southworth<>

Water and Society Thrust Area
Mary Jane Angelo<>
Martha Monroe<>

Please click on the  link provided below to VOTE.

The election will be open through Thursday, April 8.

Thank you very much for your participation!

Sent by Lisette Staal, on behalf of Dr. Tom Frazer, Chair of the UF WI Faculty Advisory Committee

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