The Cat Herder Does Marketing:  How to Create An Aggressive Marketing Campaign for a Tutoring Program
Tuesday, May 18th ~ 1-3pm EDT 
If you can not make this date and time, you can watch the recording.  Each participant will receive a link to the recording which is good for one year and can be distributed to your entire faculty and staff via email for viewing anytime, anywhere!  
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Overview (How to Create An Aggressive Marketing Campaign for a Tutoring Program) 

Most tutor program directors do not think like marketersóbut they should.  We cannot expect students to naturally gravitate to our center. In fact, many are reluctant to come.  That is why we have to "sell" our center as if we are "selling a bucket of chicken to vegetarians!"  
The presenter (the director of an award winning learning center) will guide participants in how a tutoring center can apply contemporary advertising techniques to the recruitment of busy, distracted, millennial freshmen by creating branding that works, replacing their newsletter with more up-to-date communication techniques, marketing to freshmen before they ever step foot on campus, winning over faculty and staff, and more.  


How to create branding on shirts, brochures, and posters  
How to replace the newsletter with a blogazine  
How to make Facebook your marketing "friend"   
How to build a "hip," useful webpage  
How to galvanize a "knock and know" plan in the residence halls  
How to win over faculty and staff  
How to market before they even arrive

Who should attend? 

Anyone involved in the management of a tutor program
Who is the speaker?  

M.E. McWilliams directs an award winning learning center at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.  The Academic Assistance and Resource Center (AARC) is the only tutoring center in the nation with Distinguished Certification from the National Association of Developmental Education.  Last year the AARC reported 160 peer tutors, 50,000 visits, and a 74% retention rate for freshman clients (5-14 visits) fall to fall
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