If your classifications will be based on business functions, you do NOT have to have a conplete inventory of your records. 

Records retention schedules based on business functions requires an "inventory" of those functions, their processes and sub-processes (which the ISO Standard call "activities" and "tasks"). Any inventory of documents and document types is peripheral.

We recently produced new business function-based schedules for one City-wide business function (human resources) and one set of agency-specific business functions (for the NYC Dept of Correction).

All lists of documents or document types compiled as part of these schedules are illustrative, rather than exhaustive.

In addition to the textual schedules (in an Access database), and a compilation of applicable US federal, state and local statutes, we had our consultant develop a set of flowcharts of the business functions, tying in the retention schedules. The purpose of the flowcharts was to make the schedules more accessible to staff who are not records managers.

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