6m sporadic E season has started.  We need two more grids confirmed for DXCC
and the season only lasts through June. If you are in the shack make sure to
listen to 6m on either the Flex using our Pro67 yagi, or on the ICOM 706
using our 6m mono-bander, and work all the 6m stations you can.


I came back from being out-of-town last night and between 8-9 pm worked EM79
in IN, EM19 in KS, EM15 in OK, and EM25 in a partially open band.


Openings in the morning (9-11am) favor the Caribbean, NE and the late
afternoon into NE, Midwest, and West (5-9pm).  Use DX spots online to see
what type of openings are occurring, who is working each other.  Also listen
for CW beacons from 50.04 to 50.075. I had a strong beacon coming from DN91
W. TX yesterday, but no stations on!


Have fun on the magic band.


Dr. Jay, AA4FL

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