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  Barry Wellman

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  Cooperation and Punishment , Science

Excerpt: In an era in which the "tragedy of the commons" has acquired new 
meaning on a global scale, social scientists are beginning to find hope in 
human nature. True, we are self-interested creatures capable of destroying 
the habitats that support us as we each focus on getting our share of the 
global commons before others beat us to it. Yet Homo sapiens could never 
have populated the planet and mastered complex technologies and 
organizational forms had nature not also made us sensitive to one 
another's regard. Both field studies and laboratory experiments depict 
humans as willing to cooperate when convinced that others are doing the 
same and that at least some will incur costs to sanction cheating. On page 
613 in this issue, Janssen et al. (1) show that communication among 
members of a group is key to establishing cooperation and using punishment 
effectively, and on page 617, Boyd et al. (2) provide a model of how 
signaling (a stylized kind of communication) could have allowed punishment 
and cooperation to evolve.

* [28] Cooperation and Punishment, Louis Putterman, 2010/04/30, DOI:
10.1126/science.1189969, Science Vol. 328. no. 5978, pp. 578 - 579



Disrupted Networks: From Physics to Climate Change , World Scientific
Publishing Company

Summary:  This book provides a lens through which modern society is shown 
to depend on complex networks for its stability. One way to achieve this 
understanding is through the development of a new kind of science, one 
that is not explicitly dependent on the traditional disciplines of 
biology, economics, physics, sociology and so on; a science of networks. 
This text reviews, in non-mathematical language, what we know about the 
development of science in the twenty-first century and how that knowledge 
influences our world. (...)

* [39] Disrupted Networks: From Physics to Climate Change, Bruce J. West,
nicola scafetta, 2010/04/01, World Scientific Publishing Company

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