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Dear all,
I have recently installed the Windows client of the R language as I 
would like to play around with some of the SNA algorithms found in 
Žibernas blockmodeling package. One problem is that I simply don't know 
R (yet), so I'm digesting the refence manuals as fast as possible.

However, I guess there are plenty of SNA:ers who are using R in their 
analyses. Is there a SNA-specific reference to be found somewhere? I am 
certain that R is a very worthwhile language to learn - and I intend to! 
- but I'm sort of stuck on simple things like how to load/import network 
data into R... (I have tried using M<-read.table('myTabSeparatedData') 
but it adds row and column headers - plus that the resulting M object 
doesn't seem to be a Matrix object)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Carl Nordlund, BA, PhD student
Human Ecology Division, Lund university

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