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To researchers interested in learning to use the SIENA program:

Attached to the 7th conference on Applications of Social Network
Analysis (ASNA 2010), see
to be held in Zürich, September 15-17, 2010, Tom Snijders and Johan 
Koskinen will be teaching a workshop The Analysis of Longitudinal Social 
Network Data using SIENA.
The workshop will be held September 15.
(Submitting abstracts for the conference is possible before June 1.)

Registration can be done separately for the morning session (beginning 
users) and/or the afternoon session (experienced users including those 
who participated in the morning session). To register, go to the ASNA 

     The workshop will give an introduction to statistical modeling of 
longitudinal network data and demonstrate the basics of using the RSiena 
program. Attention will be paid to the underlying statistical 
methodology, to examples, and to the use of the software.
     The first session (Wednesday morning) is intended for those without 
previous experience with this method, and will focus on the intuitive 
understanding of the model and operation of the software.
     The second session (Wednesday afternoon) is intended for those with 
previous experience with the method and the RSiena software, and also 
for those who followed the first session. It will present models for the 
simultaneous dynamics of networks and behavior and other more advanced 
topics such as model specification, multivariate networks, structurally 
determined values, and goodness of fit checking.
     To get maximal profit out of the workshop, participants are advised 
to bring a laptop with a working recent version of R installed. No 
previous knowledge of R is necessary, but Mac or Linux users should have 
figured out before the workshop how to run R on their machine.

Tom A.B. Snijders
Professor of Statistics in the Social Sciences
University of Oxford

Professor of Statistics and Methodology
Department of Sociology
University of Groningen

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