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Netvizz, a Facebook application, creates a .gdf file describing either your personal network or the groups you are a member of, and let you import it into GUESS and Gephi.

There are of course many applications that let you visualize your network directly in Facebook but by being able to download a file, you can choose your own visualization tool, play around with it, select and parameter layout algorithms, change colors and sizes, rearrange by hand, and so forth.

Annoucement: http://thepoliticsofsystems.net/2010/03/22/netvizz-facebook-to-gephi/
App: http://apps.facebook.com/netvizz/
Tutorial: http://blog.sociomantic.com/2010/05/using-netvizz-gephi-to-analyze-a-facebook-network/

Sebastien Heymann
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