Hi Sustainable Citizens!

I wanted to invite your group to check out the website for the Friends of the Gainesville Organic Blueberry Farm!
We are a non profit volunteer group and the sweetest berries in town are dripping off the bushes, nonirrigated, nonfertilized, Pesticides -haha yeah right! 20+ year old bushes, maintained only by us volunteers. Sign a liability waiver and a pledge to work 8 hours at the farm over the next year and you can get a pickin card and the combo to the lock so you can pick anytime - too many berries and not enough pickers! The season goes til mid July and they are peaking right now!The farm is 107 acres total, filled with wildlife with a huge pond covered in american lotus so delicious! Wildlife everywhere - we even had a bear visit my beehives there (see pix of his pawprint in my honeycomb in the posts section) Check out the map page to see how close we are to the heart of Gainesville-SUPERLOCAL!
Goto the about page for our mission statement , and goto the email sign up page to sign up for notices of work parties. Love berries, and want to support the biggest organic farm within Gville city limits?!? Then come out and help us save the farm!
Hope to see you out at the farm - I will put out a notice of when I will be issuing pickin cards at the farm, later on today - sign up now so you will receive them in your inbox!
Happy Pickin
PS clean out the freezer - there are more ripe berries out there than you can handle!

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 08:51:49 -0400
Subject: Seed Savers Announcements for June
From: [log in to unmask]
To: [log in to unmask]

Hello, fellow gardeners,

The Seed Savers local gardening group meets at the High Springs Public Library on Tuesday, June 22 at 7 p.m. 

Our topic will be Irrigation.  There will be a presentation about in-ground and overhead irrigation and we will go to the High Springs Community Garden to see the irrigation system there.

Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks along with seeds and seedlings. All meetings are free and open to the public, especially vegetable gardeners!  For more information call: (386) 462-1828.

Concerning announcements of interest to gardeners that you want to share:

Please send them to me ([log in to unmask]) and not to Lys Burden ([log in to unmask]).  As you may know, Lys is preparing to move away from High Springs and is trying to hand off all her responsibilities related to this group.  I have agreed to be the contact person with regard to the e-mail list. 

We want the announcements that we send through the Seed Savers list to be of a non-profit nature rather than commercial.  We reserve the right to forward only what we think is suitable for our group.

If you have ideas/questions about our monthly meetings, please contact Sharon Dockter ([log in to unmask]).  Her phone number is the one listed above for information.

Thank you,

Nancy Montgomery 

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