Anyone need antennas?.....

From: Randall McGee [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 5:54 PM
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Subject: AEA Antennas Paypal -avicom1@gmail (not here)

Hi James,
  I have.....
3 antennas by AEA.
2- Isopole 144. Vhf one is complete.
     Tha second one needs the two decoupling cones. These may be made
     w/sheet Aluminum, copper or stiff wires at approx 72 deg angle(guessing).
1- Isopole 440 Uhf complete. Some of the mount fingers are broken around the cones.
  All were tested ok. The Vhf antennas will require the mounting mast(you provide-see manual/attached) as part of the assembly where the 2 cones will be mounted which makes this ant approx 12' long. These were noted to be the ONLY verticles with a zero degree radiation pattern according some of the internet chats I found.
  Asking all for $135+ 15(paypal [log in to unmask]) shipping to FL.  
 Randy 805-651-4333
"Their" price:

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