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Dear all,

apparently in very timely fashion I am happy to announce version 2.6 of
visone, a free, platform-independent, and graphically-oriented tool for
social network analysis.

Major new features include:

  - interoperability with Siena
    access to RSiena functionality from within visone

  - joint layout or animation of longitudinal networks
    is a small example comparing typical layout sequences generated
    by visone and SoNIA (both rendered the same way) 

  - improved Mac integration

Since major lacking features still include

  - a manual

we are offering a visone workshop at Sunbelt XXX.  In case you can't
make it there, the next one is held during the ASNA conference in Zurich
(Wed 15 Sep:



Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes
Department of Computer &    | +49 7531 88-4433 (phone)
Information Science, Box 67 | +49 7531 88-3577 (fax)
University of Konstanz      | [log in to unmask]
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